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Peer Support Training and Placement Program Beginning Soon

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This program embodies the essentials of recovery such as, self-direction, person centered approach, personalization, empowerment, strength base, respect, cultural sensitivity and competency, responsibility, hope and at the very core of the program: resilience development.



If you would like to be considered for the Peer Support Training and Placement program with CCAPP, please download the brief application below and fax, scan or send it to CCAPP.

How do I get started?

"I have been supporting my family and community for years. It's time to take my skills to the next level and show the world I am a trained peer support specialist. I am looking forward to CCAPP's Peer Support Training and Placement program! 

Ongoing Enrollment:

Upcoming class dates

August 7, 2017


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Training Location:

CCAPP Training Room, 2400 Marconi Avenue, Sacramento

Residents of these Counties are Eligible: 

  • Placer County
  • Sacramento County
  •  El Dorado County
  • Nevada County

Do you want to become an instructor for the peer support training program?

Upload your current CV or resume to Kristina Padilla at [email protected] for more information..

  • Make sure that you are available for class each Monday and Wednesday from 6-9.
  • Be aware that only applicants with "lived experience" will be accepted for the program. 
  • Download the Enrollment Request by clicking here and fax, scan or mail it back to CCAPP.
  • You will be notified of the location for your class upon acceptance to the program.
  • All the materials you will need will be given to you on your first day of class.

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